Why Men should be getting more Intimate!

Waxing is a treatment I’m passionate about but, if ever there is a subject which sends many a guy into a tizzy, and go every colour from grey to red, it’s male intimate waxing.

So why is there such a stigma still attached to this treatment? What are the myths associated with it? What is the experience like? And why would a man want to get his pubic hair removed with hot wax?!

My career in waxing has certainly taught me not to judge.  The ‘types’ of clients I have range from ‘City’ type gentlemen to builders, from aged 25 to 78. All have discovered the benefits of intimate waxing, (affectionately known as the ‘Back, Sac and Crack’) and reap the following rewards:

  • Many like the feel of smoother skin and simply see it as an extension of their grooming, one of the biggest growth areas in the beauty industry as men are realising it’s cool to look after themselves.
  • Less hair ‘down there’ means it’s cooler in the summer.
  • It’s more hygienic. Less hair means sweat has nothing stick to so you’ll smell sweeter.
  • It helps hugely with chafing and ingrown hairs so is fantastic for gym bunnies, runners, cyclists…..
  • It may improve your love life. Smooth skin enhances sensitivity and many partners prefer their men to be smoother in some areas. Let’s just leave that there……
  • There’s the ‘optical illusion’ effect: less hair can make certain things appear, well, bigger!
  • It’s a great service to have before a tattoo: the last thing you want whilst your tattoo is healing is to have shaved, itchy hair growing through. If you continue waxing the area after having a tattoo, you’ll show off your investment to optimal effect

So…..Let’s address some myths and questions surrounding male waxing:

Everything has to be removed. It doesn’t, which is why Wax Addicts Kent breaks down everything in an easy- to- see pricelist. Want to just have a basic penis and scrotum wax? That’s fine. Just want a butt crack wax because you’re prone to chafing? No problem. Obviously you can go the full monty and have everything removed, but you really don’t have to, especially if it’s your first time being waxed.

Is it really painful? There is no pain free way to remove hair from the root at present, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying! However, I use the highest quality wax which is extra gentle on the skin yet extremely efficient at removing hair first time. I only use hot, peelable wax on intimate areas. This is much more comfortable than traditional warm wax which is removed with a white paper strip and best used for larger areas like back, chest and legs.

I’m really nervous I’ll get an erection. It happens. I’m used to it and, believe it or not, it actually helps the stretching process and makes waxing the penis easier. No therapist should make you feel awkward about this. If they do, find another therapist who specialises in male intimate waxing. The only time an erection is not ok is if it is accompanied by any inappropriate behaviour. Thankfully my male clients are lovely, respectful and appreciate I provide a luxury service they struggle to find near to them, which is why I have clients travel from different counties for my services.

So, if you think intimate waxing is something you’d like to try, please drop me a line via the contact form on the website or text me on 07740430893. Trust me: I’ve not yet had a male client yet who hasn’t become a regular:))


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