What your Beauty Therapist really wants you to know!

This may be a somewhat controversial subject, but it’s one I’m seeing a lot of buzz around at the moment, as well as experiencing it myself, so I’m going to try and tackle it:
Customers: Are you taking the Michael out of your beauty therapist?!
I consider myself lucky that I have a large and loyal client base who respect my time and expertise but, for some reason I can’t quite fathom, beauty is one of the few industries I can think or which certain folk view as being able to treat differently, and with less respect that others.
The main issue I hear griped about is customers who cancel last minute, offering up a flimsy, or, equally dramatic excuse (it’s alarming how many customers’ children are suddenly taken to A&E Friday on mornings), or ‘No-Show’s’, usually new clients who simply don’t bother turning up at all without so much as courtesy text or call.
This is extremely damaging to my business for the following reason: I am unlikely to fill that slot, which has been put aside specifically for you, at short notice so, even if you reschedule, I lose the money I was  expecting to earn. Last December (party season) I estimate I lost around £200 in last minute ‘hangover’ cancellations. Now I don’t know about you but, I specialise in  waxing  and eyelash extensions for a living because I’m passionate about them and absolutely love my job but, let’s be honest, I do it to pay my bills and clothe and feed my children. It isn’t a hobby! If you went out to a party and someone stole your purse which contained £200, how would you feel? Exactly! Oh, and this applies to regular customers who have booked in for a few waxing treatments then announce upon arrival that they won’t need their Hollywood done after all because they had to get it done by someone else as they had a hot date. I’m really happy for you but, please, please, give me notice so I can reduce the time I’ve set aside for you and offer it to someone else.
Then there are those clients who turn up late, sometimes without so much as an apology, and expect the same amount of time to be spent on them. If you are booked in for a Hollywood, and I only have time to do a basic bikini wax, I will need to finish on time so I don’t keep my next customer waiting.  But you will still be charged for a Hollywood. Even if it is not your fault! Yes, traffic can be a b*** and public transport can go up the spout  but, if you missed your flight for a holiday due to an accident on the motorway ahead of you, would you expect the airline to refund you? Of course not! So please don’t expect your beauty therapist to do the equivalent.  This applies equally to eager customers who arrive 25 minutes early. I’m a human being. Sometimes I need those 25 minutes for a poo, cuppa or something to eat, not necessarily in that order. So a few minutes before or is great but, too early, not so great.
A quick note on hygiene, because that’s a whole other blog post, whilst I’m extremely adept at working around tampons and erections when waxing, those hygienic wipes I have in the toilet? They’re not for decoration……………….
And now my favourite: customers who tell me they can get their lashes/waxing done by so-and-so for much cheaper or, worse, ask if I’ll give them a discount if they bring a friend. So let’s just think about what money is for a moment. It’s simply  an exchange of energy. When you pay a person for their goods or services you are also paying for the time and energy they have invested in  numerous courses, training, constant research of their craft, keeping up to date with  the latest techniques and products in their industry, all the free practice they have done on models, business courses etc etc. This is why a meal at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant will set you back a lot more than your average diner. It’s why you  often see hair salons advertise ‘Junior Stylist’, ‘Stylist’, ‘Senior Stylist’, ‘Director’, all priced accordingly. You wouldn’t try to haggle down the price of a luxury restaurant meal so please don’t try it with your beauty therapist.
My prices reflect all of the above and the on going investments of both time and money I make in courses and research of my crafts, all so I can give you the very best service I can. In short, you get what you pay for, so, next time you feel like getting your lashes done for 30 quid or your Hollywood waxed for a tenner, you may want to keep this in mind…..
Oh, and if you’re reading this and thinking ‘why would anyone do any of the above’?, you’re exactly the kind of customer I’d love to work with. In fact, you’re probably one of my kind, loyal, respectful customer’s already:))





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