Very impressed with my Hollywood wax and would not hesitate to return. Sarah was professional, knowledgeable and thorough. Would happily recommended to others. Glad to find someone so good, so local.
Sarah is very professional and uses good quality hot wax. This makes quite a difference with Brazilian waxing and keeps pain to a minimum.
Sarah did my Hollywood a week before I was scheduled to give birth. She was extremely patient and allowed extra time for me as I had to keep sitting up and having water. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to her again.
As a man I was really nervous about having intimate waxing but my girlfriend has been coming to Sarah for ages and persuaded me to try it. Sarah talked me through each step and put me at ease. I won't say it's the most relaxing experience but it was quick and no where near as painful as I thought it would be. Let's just say my girlfriend love it!
This has got to be the best experience I've had getting a Hollywood. Sarah is Professional, thorough and passionate not to mention lovely. She puts you at ease and I was so relaxed and the waxing was pretty close to painless so I was pleasantly surprised.I would highly recommend Wax Addicts services as I was so pleased. I will definitely be using her services again. Amazing job I'm so pleased I found you.
Been having my back and arms waxed by Sarah for a while now. Always have a laugh with Sarah even though she's professional. For us guys, once you find someone who puts you at ease with this sort of thing, it's worth sticking with them.