Is Your Beaver Off Limits?!

Are you about to go on holiday but dreading putting that bikini on? Are you sick of shaving your bikini line only for the hair to grow back in a couple of days, complete with red bumps and itchy skin? Do you sprint from the changing room to the swimming pool with your hands placed in strategic positions?  Have you had a bad waxing experience in the past which has scarred you for life?

Bikini waxing really shouldn’t be traumatic in any way. It’s true that the majority of my customers book in for Hollywood or Brazilian waxes  but if you’re a wax virgin, or would just like to be a bit more groomed and less self conscious, a basic bikini wax which removes the hair from outside the knicker line would be perfect for you.

I only use hot, peelable wax for all intimate areas which is much more comfortable than regular strip wax and you could be in and out of your appointment in ten minutes wondering why you hadn’t taken the plunge before. I can even wax teenagers with their parent’s permission.  Take a look at the reviews from my Face Book page below :

“Hands down, the best wax I’ve ever had. Virtually pain free, and fabulous result. Couldn’t recommend higher!”

“Thank you for an expert wax! Highly recommended and an outstanding service”




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