Many partners prefer a cleaner look, especially in the intimate area. It’s more hygienic and feels fresh and more sensitive. Tattoos are displayed to their best advantage. Less hair means less chafing and body odour so it’s perfect for gym bunnies, footballers, cyclists as well as other sports enthusiasts. Male grooming in particular is one of the largest growth areas in beauty at the moment so I’m really thrilled to see more and more men becoming serious about their waxing. There’s also the ‘optical illusion’ effect: Less hair ‘down there’ can result in, well, more skin to show off!

This refers to hair removed from the genital area for both men and women.

No! You may have something as simple as a bikini or speedo line wax to everything off. Men, you don’t have to have everything removed during an intimate wax but can have something much neater which still keeps some hair. Please see my price list for details of the services I provide which can be tailored to each customer.

You will only need to remove the clothes for the body part you are having waxed. For basic intimate waxes you may keep underwear on however I have found in my experience that it is better to have no underwear on during male or female Brazilian or Hollywood waxes. This is because it allows me to provide a much quicker, less messy service which is better for you!

Strip wax is probably the wax you are most familiar with. It is applied thinly with a spatula and removed with a paper or cloth strip. This method also removes the top layer of skin so, although fantastic for large areas such as arms, legs, back and chest I find hot wax much more desirable for intimate and facial waxing. This is a much thicker wax which is applied with a spatula, allowed to set then removed by hand. Hot wax shrink wraps round the hair and removes it without stripping the top layer of skin allowing for a much more comfortable experience. Although I may sometimes use strip wax to clean up a few stray hairs I pretty much exclusively use hot wax for all intimate and facial waxing. I can’t tell you the number of customers who have come to me after being left traumatised from an intimate strip wax and have been completely converted to hot wax by the time they leave.

Leave at least 3 weeks since your last shave and four weeks since your last wax for optimal results. Exfoliate the day before your appointment. If possible, please come freshly showered but do not apply moisturiser or perfumed products. I appreciate that some people come straight from work so provide intimate wipes for your convenience. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for these as you’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable if you feel nice and clean. Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible. If you are too early I may not be able to answer the door if I’m with a customer. If

you are too late you may not have enough of your appointment time left to have everything you booked in for.


This largely depends on each individual customer and their requirements but most come every 4-6 weeks. However, due to the specialist techniques I apply it is not unusual for customers to go 7-8 weeks before needing to be waxed again.

Your freshly waxed pores are now open and susceptible to bacteria and heat. Please do not sunbathe, use sunbeds, saunas or steam rooms, fake tan, have sex (if you’ve had an intimate wax) or exercise excessively for 48 hours after your treatment. Begin exfoliating a couple of times a week four days after your wax. I will provide you with full aftercare instructions when you visit.

I have a down-to-earth approach and offer a discreet, confidential and professional service. Customer’s sometimes say things they wouldn’t usually say due to nerves so whatever you say to me never gets repeated. This is one of the reason’s I have a very loyal customer base. However, I do ask for the same respect in return. Gentlemen, it gets very frustrating and boring to be asked if I offer ‘other services’. I provide a professional waxing service only so please don’t embarrass yourself by exhibiting inappropriate behaviour. I do have a 24-hour cancellation policy: I must charge for any missed appointments or cancellations under 24 hours, even if you reschedule, no exceptions! This is because your appointment time has been reserved just for you and it’s unlikely I’ll be able to book another customer in at such short notice.

Hair grows in four different stages and is in a constant state of renewal and regrowth. This means that if you have hair sitting just under or just broken through your skin it will be too short for the wax to pick up so you may notice some regrowth in patches after a couple of weeks. This is perfectly normal. Regular waxing, every 4-6 weeks, will encourage the hair regrowth cycle to fall in line, resulting in longer hair free periods. Also, it really annoys me when I see salon’s advertising ‘pain free waxing’! The luxury products I use definitely make for a much more pleasant experience but, when removing hair from the root, there is no such thing as pain free so please be wary of anyone who claims this. Waxing is a bit like giving birth: the amount of pain is far outweighed by the end result or I’d never have customer’s rebook time and again. When looking for a waxing therapist, do your research. Prices tend to reflect the experience, confidence and skill of your therapist as well as the quality of waxes and products used. In short, you get what you pay for.