Are You Tattoo Ready?

Are you about to embark on getting some new ink? If so, I’m sure you’ve taken a lot of time to think about exactly the type of design you’d like including fonts, colours and the body part you’d like to decorate, not to mention the expense.But have you considered getting the area to be tattooed waxed first?

Tattoo artists will shave the area to be inked first as they need it to be as hair free as possible for best results but shaving can result in itchy skin and possibly even a shaving rash after. Newly tattooed skin can be slightly itchy and bumpy while it heals anyway so you ideally want to keep it as clean and hair free as possible for a few days.

Having the area waxed not only leaves it baby smooth and perfectly primed for your treatment but continuing to wax regularly once your skin has healed will show your tattoo off to it’s full potential. I recently had a client in for a chest wax prior to having £5000 worth of ink applied to it over the space of a few weeks. He intended  to grow his hair back until I pointed out that it would cover most of his investment! Now he’s a converted regular waxer. Besides, whether you spend £50 or £5000 on a tattoo, surely it’s worth spending a few pounds extra to have the area waxed first for maximum comfort? Enquire at and I’ll be more than happy to assist you.



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